Frankort & Koning

Frankort & Koning is an international organization that trades in fruit and vegetables. Ever since it was founded in 1985, Frankort & Koning has been the reliable link between producers / suppliers and retail / chain stores. With passion for the product, knowledge of the market and heart for both customer and supplier. A total of 155 people work at Frankort & Koning.


  • Data analysis
  • Simulation of storage capacity for different alternatives
  • Impact analysis on picking and packing strategy
  • Evaluation of alternative solutions

Logistics concept study

Due to a lack of storage capacity, the question was asked to propose new concepts that can maximize capacity.


  • Maximize the storage capacity


  • 11 alternatives were elaborated and compared
  • 2 alternatives offered sufficient maximization without major disadvantages
  • Here, storage and picking could remain in line with current layouts in combination with bulk storage in narrow aisles

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