Mölnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke Health Care is a world-leading manufacturer of medical products and solutions that helps healthcare professionals achieve the best clinical, economic and patient outcomes. They design and deliver products and solutions in the field of wound treatment, pressure ulcers and infection prevention and surgery.


  • Data analysis
  • Design of alternatives for conveyor system, storage, picking zone and strategy, shipping zone and highbay
  • Logistics concept design and study of alternatives
  • Financial evaluation

Feasibility study for potential picking + non-automatic storage extension linked to the high-bay store

MHC distinguishes 2 Distribution Centers (DC), one is located in Waremme Belgium, the other in Zweden.

MHC aims at realizing an extension to the existing DC in Belgium linked to the HB including:

  • extension of storage space (back-up in case of HB failure)
  • picking space
  • storage area for picked goods
  • current and future picking routines
  • flexibility for the future


In anticipation of additional volume and activities examine and document feasibility of alternatives for:

  • Extension of HB storage: to cope with future growth and possible extension of product range.
  • Picking methodology: to make an overview of the existing situation and to make a proposal for possible improvements.
  • Consolidated staging area picked goods and full pallets.
  • Back-up storage: to cope with a breakdown of the system.
  • Flexibility: to cope with the uncertainty of future expected figures sufficient flexibility is needed (phased implementation).


Final report included:

  • 3 alternatives for picking
  • 4 alternatives for High bay
  • Budgets
  • Logistics concept, technical utilities concept, building concept

VLG reccomendation:

Alternative including auto retrieval + conv. pickzone for all SKU’s:

  • automated highbay storage of pallets with 4 aisles and 4 cranes
  • Double deep racking
  • Full pallets in/out
  • SM picking in HB and FM picking above the shipping and receiving zone
  • Full pallet replenishment to conv. pickzone for FM/SM

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