Mölnlycke Health Care

Mölnlycke Health Care (MHC) is a manufacturer of medical products and solutions that help healthcare professionals in achieving the best clinical, economic and patient outcomes. They design and deliver products and solutions in the field of wound treatment, pressure ulcers and infection prevention and surgery.


  • Data analysis
  • Logistics concept design of logistics systems (MHE) and design improved picking strategies
  • Feasibility study

Feasibility study for increasing picking and storage capacity

At the time of the study:

MHC distinguishes 2 distribution centers (DC) and aims at realizing an extension of the existing, mechanized DC in Belgium including:

  • extension of storage capacity (back-up in case of high bay failure);
  • increase picking capacity;
  • pack-and-hold storage area;
  • improvement current picking routines.


Engineer alternative logistics concept designs and investigate the related feasibility taking into account following requirements:

  • extension of highbay storage capacity;
  • improvement picking strategy;
  • improvement consolidation of unit, box and pallet picking flows;
  • increase redundancy level for mechanized highbay.


Most economically viable solution contained following elements:

  • automated high bay with 4 ASRS pallet cranes, double deep;
  • goods-to-person picking for medium and slow movers;
  • manual multi-order picking for fast movers.

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