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SECO Tools provides powerful machining solutions to leading companies around the world; Aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and medical industry solutions are, among many others, where Seco Tools deploys highly specialized machining competence.
SECO Tools has its European DC in Houthalen-Belgium. This DC is supplying the SECO product range within a delivery period of 24 hours to its clients in Europe and the Middle East.


  • Description of possible logistics solutions based on basic data analysis and growth figures
  • Budget calculation
  • Financial consequences and evaluation

Logistics concept study for new DC

  • SECO wants to investigate the possibility to move to a new site.


After a summary of the basic data, the purpose is to analyse, calculate and evaluate the different possible logistics solutions, as well as for storage as for picking and consolidation activities, taking into account the growth figures for the next years. Project horizon is determined to be 10 years.


  • The alternative solution with implementation of shelves, and investment in 2 miniloads + flow racking was proposed.
  • A benefit of 18 FTE could easily defend the investment.
  • Fast movers are stored in flow racking as picking from flow racks (pick-to-light) is the most efficient picking way. B&C-movers are stored in the miniload and D-movers are stored in shelves.
  • In a more detailed design, the alternative of using shuttles instead of cranes in the miniload, can be studied to gain capacity and reach a higher performance without change of layout.

Another advantage of this solution is that the design is organized on the ground floor. An expansion on a mezzanine floor (above flow racking and shelves) for growth afterwards is no problem.

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