UNILIN is a producer of laminate, wood floor, vinyl, chipboard and MDF sheets,
decorative panels, roof elements and insulation boards. Since 2005, UNILIN has been part of the American listed Mohawk Industries Inc..


  • Data analysis
  • Location study based on transport economy and -modi (linear programming)
  • Logistics concept and feasibility study

Location and feasibility study for centralisation vs decentralisation

At the time of the study:

UNILIN is searching for the most economically viable expansion scenario: centralisation vs decentralisation.


Investigate and build an argumentation qualitatively and quantitatively, which scenario would be recommended from a financial and operational point of view:

  • decentralisation whereby the existing DC's are extended and modernized;
  • centralisation whereby a greenfield central DC is being designed and built. 

Furthermore, in case one CDC would be the recommended scenario, which concept design should be applied to obtain the most efficient logistics operations?


Location and transport:

  • one CDC at existing site or in the immediate vicinity
  • intercompany transport via rail

Concept design CDC:

  • block stacking for pallets type 'Flooring' (bulk)
  • ASRS for pallets type 'Floors' (bulk)
  • fully automatic pick zone for type 'Floors'
  • bulk / pick rack configuration for long good accessories

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