UNILIN is a producer of laminate, parquet and vinyl, chipboard and MDF sheets, decorative panels, roof elements and insulation boards. Since 2005, UNILIN has been part of the American, listed Mohawk Industries, Inc.


  • Location study based on transport economy and modi
  • Feasibility study based on data analysis and logistics concept study
  • Net Present Value (NPV), Return on Investment (ROI)

Location and feasibility study for new CDC or expansion 2 RDC's

Expansion of the existing distribution centers is necessary in view of the real growth, which means that the physical distribution requirements can hardly be met.


  • Extend existing DC's or place the physical distribution activities in one CDC? 
  • If one CDC is the best economical alternative, which type of building and logistical equipment is preferable to promote an efficient operational environment?


  • Location and transport:
    • One CDC at existing site or in the immediate vicinity
    • Intercompany transport via train
  • Type DC:
    • Block stacking for pallets Flooring (bulk)
    • Turret truck for pallets Floors (bulk)
    • AS / RS for pallets Floors (bulk)
    • Fully automatic pick zone for floors
    • Bulk / pick rack configuration for longgood accessories
    • Non-longgoods at level 0 of level 1
    • PE at level 0 with brand wall separation
    • "Desired goods" at level 0

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