Multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm

Van Looy Group is a multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering bureau for logistics, technical utilities and civil engineering. We were born and raised while solving logistics problems and engineering warehouses, distribution centres, hubs and sorting platforms.

As from June 2022 Van Looy Group is part of VK architects+engineers.

Not just words, but deeds

Our engineers design and build what we advise

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Why choose Van Looy Group?

From first conceptual design to go-live, our engineers and consultants display an uninterrupted dedication to make our customers’ supply chain excel. This level of dedication and constant strive for excellence is engrained in Van Looy Group’s domains: Logistics engineering, Utilities engineering and Civil engineering.

This multidisciplinary engineering approach benefits the schedule, cost and scope baselines of our projects.

Why we distinguish ourselves