Multidisciplinary consultancy and engineering firm for logistics, techniques and construction

"Imagine you could rely on a team of logistics consultants, engineers, architects and project managers – all under one roof.."

Van Looy Group’s differentiating factor is its multidisciplinary approach. In-house knowledge on logistics, technical utilities and civil engineering ensures in every stage efficient engineering and avoids unpleasant rework, delays and related additional costs.

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40 years of experience in logistics, utilities and civil engineering of warehouses, distribution centres and hubs. Experience which is secured and multiplied within the organization.



Our engineers ensure that technical conflicts are detected in an early stage and save significantly on time and costs. Rapid and flexible engineering paths as back and forth communication with external parties is reduced to a minimum.


Solid business cases

Our advice and decisions are based on solid business cases, with a clear ROI and payback period.


Practice what you preach

No hollow words or noncommittal advice from our side: we engineer and build what we advise.

Our history

Van Looy Group was founded in 1977 in Gent (B) by Paul Van Looy as ‘Van Looy Engineering’. The company primarily focussed on supply chain consulting, but quickly evolved towards an all-round engineering company for logistics facilities. In 1984 Van Looy Group designed and implemented its 1st highbay warehouse.

In 1995 Van Looy Group moved to Antwerp and became part of Royal Imtech in 1998. Numerous challenging projects later, an MBO detached Van Looy Group from Royal Imtech in 2015.

Today, Van Looy Group has evolved towards a strong and promising team of 40 consultants, engineers and architects, with an unconditional drive and undiminished focus on logistics.

Our values

"Intralogistics: ‘necessary evil’ to strategic differentiator"

The importance of logistics has grown over the last decades and it is still increasing. One driver is for sure the awareness on cost-benefits of a keen supply chain design and the related opportunities that can be grasped in today’s flat world. A second important driver is the change in customer expectations, both customers’ and companies’.

Service levels have become more stringent and are used by companies to separate themselves from the pack. To this extent, ‘resilience’, ‘accuracy’, ‘reliability’ and ‘flexibility’ have become essential parameters in tomorrow’s supply chains.

Van Looy Group aspires to embed these values in each and every solution it designs,  engineers and implements in order to make its customers’ supply chains fit for the future.

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