Van Looy Group’s engineering services focus on innovative though realistic designs where logistics systems, technical utilities (fire protection, HVAC, electricity, data) and construction are integrated seamlessly. Since the most important disciplines are represented inhouse at Van Looy Group, technical pitfalls and related project risks are detected and mitigated in an early stage.

Common elements in our engineering services


Basic and detailed design

Based on the SOR a basic design is drafted. After approval by the client, the logistics systems, technical utilities and construction are engineered in detail.

CAD design & BIM model

Basic and detailed designs are drafted by Van Looy Group’s CAD department. BIM software is applied in order to obtain a seamless integration of the logistics systems, technical utilities and construction.  

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Building & environmental permits

Van Looy Group prepares the file for the request for building and environmental permission.

Tender & evaluation

The various work packages are processed into a complete tender file. During evaluation, the TCO-principle (Total Cost of Ownership) is kept in mind. Final decision is taken and selection of the appropriate contractors is made by the client, advised by Van Looy Group.

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