Working at Van Looy Group

Van Looy Group is a growing, innovative company and we’re continuously looking for qualified and enthusiastic people to join our team.

According to our colleagues

Bénédicte Peetermans

Bénédicte Peetermans, Project Engineer (Building Department)

Van Looy Group offers an environment that accommodates the right balance between guidance and independence. Experienced colleagues free up time to enthusiastically train and support newcomers.

The role of project engineer is very fascinating: a lot of – or better all :-) - building construction related aspects come into play and I get to work together in teams with experts in different domains. Hence a fertile environment to broaden my knowledge and further develop my project skills.

Filip Van Dam

Filip Van Dam, Senior Project Engineer (Building Department)

Working at Van Looy Group is very challenging and rewarding, even after 15 years of service. I get the opportunity to fully elaborate on a project from first design all the way to acceptance and exactly this is what makes my role so divers and challenging.

The collaboration with my colleagues is very enriching as we take on projects in multidisciplinary teams.

Peter Meersschaert

Peter Meersschaert, Principal Engineer (Technical Department)

Van Looy Group is an organization that holds quality, customer centricity and optimal integration very dear.

I consider it my duty to turn these values into practise for all projects I’m involved in. Finding the right balance between customers’, legal and insurance requirements asks for technical creativity and is what makes every day at Van Looy Group interesting.

Brenda Corluy

Brenda Corluy, Consultant (Logistics Department)

My role as logistics consultant takes me to an extended range of customers in various sectors. Translating our customers’ intralogistics challenges into solid and sustainable solutions is very rewarding and the nice thing is that I can rely on a team of domain experts to really deal with each aspect of the logistics solutions we design.

The atmosphere at Van Looy Group is clear: no-nonsense and committed to achieve excellence. By the way: very nice to see how the younger generation challenges the incumbent experts and vice versa :-) .