The consulting services by Van Looy Group are aimed at identifying and quantifying improvements in the customer’s logistics chain. Current processes in the logistics setup are evaluated and while linked to the customer’s growth scenarios, the optimal mix of economy, flexibility and reliability is elaborated.

Common elements in our consulting services


Data analysis

The as-is situation of the customer’s logistics setup is drafted based on master data and order line information. Trends in order profiles, seasonality, SKU correlations, operational productivities, … are analysed.

Master plan study

A master plan study records considerations and decisions about the spatial planning of the company site. The latter is to be based on the corporate medium and long term planning and prevents short term decisions from hindering future completion of logistics or technical needs.

Feasibility study

To-be scenarios are defined, quantified and compared. The net present value of the related OPEX and CAPEX cashflows is calculated for the different logistics setups. Specific Rate-Of-Return and payback values help in corporate management’s decision making. Extensive sensitivity analyses answer important ‘what-if’ questions and quantify the level of resilience and flexibility of the different logistics concepts.

Concept design

Concept designs are drawn in technical support of the feasibility study. Hence, parallel to the economic feasibility also the technical feasibility of the different logistics concepts is to be evaluated and proven.

Statement of requirements (SOW)

The statement of requirements defines the requirements for the detailed engineering of the selected logistics concept. The SOR document contains the user, functional and technical requirements of the new logistics concept for the logistics systems, technical utilities and construction.

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