Our best wishes for an excellent 2018!

“2017: you were great, 2018: we have ambitious plans for you.

Review 2017..

2017 was a fantastic year for the Van Looy Group company whereby the commissioning of the New Factory Warehouse project at Alpro’s can be considered one of the highlights of which we are quite proud.

Furthermore 2017 was a year in which we worked hard to secure future success: new talent was sourced to be able to play along in the BIM league and to inject extra engineering capacity that should be up to speed in 2018.

Preview 2018..

Sales pipeline for 2018 is looking quite good whereby we hold to underpin that in the currently heating economic climate, Van Looy Group will not be misled in any way to let quantity prevail over quality. Each and every customer deserves – and will receive – excellent service quality by Van Looy Group.

Within Van Looy Group, we will be managing three important organizational construction sites in 2018:

  1. knowledge preservation and transfer: procedures and manuals alone do not suffice for guarding 40 years of experience and making it digestible and readily available for new employees. In order to accelerate and make this process more efficient, systems and methods need to be improved as well.

  2. organizational structure: Van Looy Group has been growing firmly for the last 2 years. In order to maintain the intended service quality, the company must grow solidly from the bottom up. In 2018 efforts will be made to reinforce the organizational structure and to facilitate future growth.

  3. innovation: integrated engineering not only prevents technical conflicts during project execution, but consequently also saves time and cost, two precious bounding parameters in the project world. In 2018 extra attention will be paid to shift the innovation motor of Van Looy Group to a higher gear.

And of course: together with you, Van Looy Group is eager to take up your logistics challenges in 2018, from feasibility study to go-live.

Our best wishes for an excellent 2018!

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