The washing installation as an important logistics link

We have to wait just a little until the first folding boxes come out of the washing installation. Thierry and his other colleagues from the Van Looy Group are still in full coordination of the works. Due to the switch from rigid bins to folding boxes, a new automatic washing installation is necessary.
The installation will process around 200.000 folding boxes per day.

Thierry Janssen: The installation of the wash installation is an important link in the logistics operation of the customer. The challenge is that all disciplines come together: the building, the supply and discharge of air and water, the sprinkler installation, the water collection and of course the installations themselves.

The washing process has several steps. Specific machines are provided for each step. The bins run through the installations via multiple conveyors. Bin stackers, palletizers and accumulation lanes provide adequate buffering.

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