The BASF group is present in six segments: chemicals, materials, industrial solutions, surface technologies,
nutrition & care and agricultural solutions. The site in Antwerp is located in the most Northern part of the
harbour. It is the largest chemical production site in Belgium and the second biggest of the BASF group worldwide.


  • Evaluation material handling techniques
  • Design alternatives
  • Capacity calculations
  • Calculate investment costs
  • Calculate full time equivalents

Logistics feasibility study

At the time of the study:

BASF plans to implement an additional production line. This imposes significant additional storage and handling requirements. Several options were possible:

  • off-site (3rd party);
  • on site, close to the production facility, fully automated;
  • on site, further from the production facility, manual.


Design the most economically viable concept for the increased storage and handling requirements. Following questions need to be answered:

  • how should this solution on the site look like, albeit automated?
  • does the use of intrasite shuttles make sense?
  • what are the investment costs of the logistics alternatives?
  • how many full time equivalents are needed for the redesigned operations?
  • is in-sourcing economically viable?


By fitting the material handling technique perfectly to the requirements and by selecting the right location and layout, the automated on-site warehouse demonstrated a strong business case. 

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