Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson (BD) is a global medical technology company focused on improving healthcare for a better world
by promoting medical discoveries, diagnostics and providing care.


  • Data analysis
  • Material flow mapping
  • Logistics concept design
  • Budgeting logistics systems (MHE), building utilities and construction
  • Feasibility study

Feasibility and logistics concept study for the expansion of the existing distribution center

At the time of the study:

BD investigates the options to increase storage capacity and is facing difficulties in the consolidation of material flows and in the logistics processes required for support transportation optimisation.


Engineer an optimal logistics concept and investigate the related feasibility taking into account following elements:

  • extension of storage capacity according to growth projection;
  • improvement picking strategy;
  • improvement consolidation process;
  • reducing crossing material flows;
  • supporting logics for transportation optimzation.


  • Optimization of the actual warehouse design and material flows;
  • Conceptual solutions / alternatives for the warehouse, including storage and internal transport systems, with regards to the sequencing of the goods for transport. The specific processes, the underlying relations, the organizational structures and the building constraints were taken into account;
  • Investment budget of the proposed modifications and expansions.

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