Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson is a global medical technology company focused on improving healthcare for a better world by promoting medical discoveries, diagnostics and providing care.


  • Data analysis
  • Designing concept alternatives
  • Drafting business plan and financial evaluation

Feasibility and logistics concept study for the expansion of the distribution center

  • There is a shortage of storage quantity as a result of a change in the order profile, the current growth and strategic decisions
  • Order consolidation does not run smoothly
  • Different places are struggling with crossing flows
  • Research into optimization of transport is necessary


  • Perform a feasibility and logistics concept study to optimize the actual warehouse design and logistics flows and to give a solution to next actual problems:
    • Development of conceptual solutions to tackle shortage of storage capacity now and in the near future
    • Optimization of transport and packaging units
    • Crossing flows
    • Non optimal working method because of change of order profile


  • Optimization of the actual warehouse design and logistics flows
  • Two conceptual solutions/alternatives for the warehouse, including storage, internal transport systems, concerning the goods to transport. The specific processes, the relations underneath, the structures of organization and the building constraints were taken into account.
  • Investment budget of the adequate modifications and expansions

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