Claes Distribution

Group Claes is a dynamic family business and profiles itself as the professional supplier of the meat processing sector. The company represents a wide range of domestic and foreign manufacturers.


  • Data analysis
  • Concept design for various alternatives with regard to the positioning of the loading docks, variants for internal transport and design of the new shed
  • Performance analysis of the picking and accompanying strategy
  • OPEX and CAPEX analysis
  • Define strategy for implementation

Logistics concept study for extension of the warehouse

The design and implantation of the new warehouse has a number of bottlenecks in terms of construction and logistics to be resolved.


The objective was to provide an answer to / formulate a proposal for:

  • Position of loading docks
  • Floor level new warehouse
  • Traffic settlement around the building
  • Good flows between the buildings
  • Method of picking
  • Method of location determination
  • Concept layout
  • Opportunities


  • Positioning of 12 loading docks
  • Position height for new warehouse
  • Traffic settlement around the building
  • Ramps to accommodate larger driving distances
  • Switch to zone picking where the shipment strategy is based within one zone

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