Claes Distribution

Group Claes is a dynamic family business and profiles itself as the professional supplier of the meat processing sector. The company represents a wide range of domestic and foreign manufacturers.
The Group has two core activities: Claes Distribution and Claes Machines.
Claes Distribution is a wholesaler of supplies for the meat processing sector and distributes more than 14,000 quality products with its own trucks in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France.
Claes Machines offers a complete range of machines for the meat processing sector. Maintenance and repairs are carried out by its own qualified employees.


  • Data analysis
  • Concept design for various alternatives with regard to the positioning of the loading docks, variants for internal transport and organization of the new warehouse
  • Productivity analysis of picking strategies
  • Investment analysis
  • Definition of implementation strategy

Logistics concept study for warehouse extension

At the time of the study:

Van Looy Group is requested in a 2nd opinion exercise to challenge the design and infrastructure of the nieuw warehouse. Additional attention is requested for the
positioning of the loading docks and the planned picking strategies.


Design a logistics concept taking into account following requirements:

  • improved positioning loading docks;
  • improved picking strategies;
  • improved traffic flux on the site.


A concept design in which the 12 loading docks were repositioned and in which the picking process was organised according to zone picking.

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