Eltra is a leading distributor of electric DIY material. The territory of this innovative company is based in Temse in East Flanders, with premises of 11 500 m². It has 90 employees working in its offices, packaging department and warehouse. 
From 1995, Eltra is part of the Sonephar Group. In 2001, Eltra took over the Dutch electro- and lightning distributor Elar and in 2009, Eltra integrated the DIY activities of Unilectric, a Belgian wholesaler in electrical material, lightning, electric household appliances, noise and vision, that already was property of Sonephar.


  • Data analysis
  • Material flow mapping
  • Logistics concept design
  • Budget calculation MHE
  • Feasibility study
  • Qualitative evaluation (flexibility, organizational impact)

Feasibility study for logistics optimization

At the time of the study:

The integration of Unilectric in Eltra's existing infrastructure introduced the necessity to investigate the logistics optimisation potential, especially for the labour intensive picking activities.


  • Design and compare optimized, alternative logistics solutions that increase operational efficiency and enable a higher throughput;
  • Apply financial, organizational and technical criteria to evaluate the logistics alternatives.


  • 3 alternative solutions were proposed for which the economic feasibility was quantified on a 10-years horizon (discounted OPEX and CAPEX cash flows);
  • Logistics throughput was increased, order lead time was reduced;
  • Additional attention was paid to the flexiblity in phasing in order to tailor the investments as close as possible to the projected growth.

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