Fresh Park Venlo

Fresh Park Venlo is the largest European fresh & food hub and consists of more than 100 companies that are focussed on delivering fresh food at the right place at the right time.


  • Master plan study

Master plan study for redevelopment of the logistics site

At the time of the study:

Fresh Park Venlo encounters stumbling blocks in the development of the cash-and-carry concept on its site among which obstructing traffic flows, parking capacity issues, innefficient use of logistics surface, absence of access control for visitors etc..
Fresh Park Venlo requests to perform a master plan study which paves the road for the company's cash-and-carry concept.


Develop a master plan for the cash-and-carry area on the site taking into account following aspects:

  • optimisation crossing site traffic for inbound and outbound;
  • maximization usable logistics surface and partitioning;
  • optimization of loading and unloading processes;
  • increased controlspan for visitor and waste material flows;
  • restrictions related to implementation (phasing) and investment.


A detailed master plan for the cash-and-carry area of the Fresh Park Venlo site including construction scenarios for maximizing logistics surface. 

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