H.J. Heinz Company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With almost 45.000 employees in around
200 countries, the company has grown into one of the largest food companies in the world. Known for its
iconic brands, Heinz produces high-quality and pure products in all those countries.

Heinz also makes many good and tasty products in Belgium. Of course under the brand Heinz but also under the brands: Kwatta, Amoy, Weight Watchers, Brinta and Roosvicee.


  • Data analysis
  • Material flow mapping
  • Logistics concept design
  • Economic feasibility calculation for logistics solutions

Logistics concept and feasibility study for automated warehouse

At the time of the study:

Due to external factors Heinz is forced to move the existing warehouse and to build a new warehouse on a greenfield location. This introduces the opportunity to investigate the potential of logistics automation.


Design an optimized logistics concept and investigate the related feasibility taking into account following requirements:

  • building regulations for optional new plot;
  • extension of storage capacity according to growth projection;
  • reduction of operational costs compared to current state.


6 concept designs were made and for each design the financial feasibility was calculated.

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