Pfizer CSP

Pfizer CSP plant in Puurs is a packaging facility in the vicinity of the company's main plant. At the CSP plant,
semi-finished and finished products are stored.

In total, the Puurs site employs more than 2.500 people who annually produce, pack and prepare more than
300 million sterile units for export to more than 170 countries.
The plant was founded by Upjohn in 1963 and acquired by Pfizer in 2003. Since then, the production unit has been an important link in Pfizer's global supply chain.


  • Logistics concept design
  • Basic and detailed engineering of construction and building technologies
  • Construction management

Logistics concept study and engineering of an automated highbay warehouse

At the time of the study:

  • integration of additional storage capacity on Pfizer's CSP plant in order to accommodate increased production capacity and the storage of a new product range;
  • design of an automated highbay warehouse with connection to the existing, automated warehouse;
  • MHE concept design and engineering of construction and building utilities.


Concept, basic and detailed design for extension of storage capacity on the CSP plant with 16.000 pallets.


Concept, basic and detailed design of an automated warehouse with following characteristics:

  • 2.900 m² footprint high bay, clad rack construction;
  • 31,5 m building height;
  • 14.680 ambient + 4.030 cooled pallet locations;
  • 4 ASRS pallet cranes (3 ambient aisles, double deep + 1 cooled aisle, double deep);
  • pallet conveyor system on 2 levels with connection to production and picking area;
  • conveyor platform above existing conveyorcarrousel;
  • temperature controlled in different regimes.

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