Proscafco is wholesaler and producer of personal protective equipment and work clothes. It results from the merger in 2009 of the two companies Midera and Smeekens. The company excellerated its growth by means of new successful acquisitions. Prosafco has affiliates in Roeselare, Hamme, Beerse, Hasselt, Bree, Lier and Borsbeek.
The logistics operations are executed from its warehouse in Roeselare.


  • Data analysis
  • Evaluation of material handling techniques
  • Elaborate alternatives and evaluate financially
  • Capacity calculations
  • Design of the optimal layout
  • Assessment of the flexibility 

Logistics feasibility study and warehouse design

At the time of the study:

Due to continuous growth, the existing facility has become too small. The areas and its constrained installations were no longer able to accommodate in an efficient way the growing number of articles. A new plot of land in the neighbourhood gave the possibility of further growth.


Redesign the logistics processes based on a greenfield logistics concept and investigate the feasibility of suitable handling automation techniques. More specifically following questions need to be answered:

  • which technology suits best for storage and picking and is it economically viable?
  • what are the dimensions of this concept taking into account the company's growth projection?
  • how should the production department be efficiently connected to the storage?


The design foresees a manual narrow aisle pallet warehouse combined with a miniload.
The narrow aisle pallet warehouse gives the most cost efficient storage capacity, wheras the miniload increases the efficiency in detailed picking.
Special attention is given to the efficiency and quality of the inbound process.
The goods are subject to supplier dependent quality control.

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