Bosman is a supplier of medical devices to people with a stoma, wound, diabetes and urological problems, and to healthcare institutions and professionals.
Bosman is a real family business, with a fascinating history, dating back to the 1930s.


  • Inventory of data
  • Flowcharts
  • Determine optimal layout
  • Development of concept alternatives
  • Detailed concept of retained alternative
  • Evaluation, advice and phasing

Logistics concept study

The current situation in the distribution center has clearly "grown historically", in which the level of efficiency can be assessed medium to high. In recent years they have been working in certain areas towards optimisations, but an overall reorientation regarding the operation within the distribution center is necessary. The question is also to what extent further growth is possible in the existing layout.


  • Logistics research into layout and working method of the existing warehouse with an eye on future growth expectations
  • Compliance with environmental requirements
  • Efficiency of the operation with regard to process routing and layout, and application of mechanization and information technology (including scanning)
  • Overall assessment of the current location / current building with regard to future growth and flexibility with respect to product and market innovations


  • Given the logistical characteristics of the initial situation and the expected future developments, a conventional solution with pallet racks and shelves is preferred.
  • This solution ensures great flexibility in the short term and leaves room for further adjustments depending on the developments on the market and the ambitious growth expectations.

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