Bosman is a supplier of medical devices and supplies to people with a stoma, wound, diabetes and urological problems, and to healthcare institutions and professionals.
Bosman is a true family business, with a fascinating history, dating back to the 1930s.


  • Data gathering and analysis
  • Material flow mapping
  • Logistics solution design (multiple alternatives)
  • Economic and technical feasibility of logistics solutions
  • Practical elaboration of phasing

Logistics concept study

At the time of the study:

The existing distribution center is designed and organised according to the historical growth which implies that any past operational improvements were rather incremental. The time is right to apply a holistic approach to evaluate existing logistics processes and layout and to quantitatively evaluate quandaries and limitations of the existing logistics infrastructure.


  • Structural evaluation and optimization of logistics processes and infrastructure driven
    by future growth projections and product portfolio expansion;
  • Research on economic opportunities by introducing warehouse automation and information technology (TMS, WCS, TMS).


  • Multi-order picking in conventional pallet racks in combination with shelves appeared to be the most economic solution and additionally showed a higher flexiblity to accomodate the growth projection and SKU base expansion;
  • WMS modifications for multi-order picking introduced a significant efficiency gain for the picking proces.

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