Pfizer main plant in Puurs is the second largest production site of Pfizer worldwide for the production of aseptic medicines and the largest packaging unit of Pfizer in Europe. 

In total, the Puurs site employs more than 2.500 people who annually produce, pack and prepare more than
300 million sterile units to export to more than 170 countries. The plant was founded by Upjohn in 1963 and
acquired by Pfizer in 2003. Since then, the production unit has been an important link in Pfizer's global supply chain.


  • Feasibility study
  • Logistics concept design
  • Basic and detailed engineering construction and building utilities

Logistics concept study and engineering of a new logistics centre

At the time of the study:

  • centralizing and optimizing the goods flows on the Pfizer Puurs main plant as a key enabler for the future growth of the site;
  • design and engineering of a new logistics center with automated high-bay warehouse
    and AGV system designed to realize the required economies without sacrificing flexibility;
  • development of MHE concept design and engineering of building and building utilities.


Design alternative, detailed lay-outs of the new facility to enable Pfizer's core team to determine the optimal logistics lay-out (material flow blue prints, detailed building plans), taking into account following elements:

  • 3D simulation of material and personel flows; 
  • preparation and coordination of permit requests (building permit, exploitation
    permit, …); 
  • detailed investment calculations (± 10 %);
  • detailed execution plan incl. project time schedule;
  • risk analysis;
  • GMP requirements.


Concept, basic and detailed design of an automated warehouse with following characteristics:

  • 3.400 m² ground floor shipping / receiving + 2.650 m² highbay;
  • 33 m building height;
  • 13.020 ambient + 1.200 cooled pallet locations (with internal highbay slave pallets);
  • 6 ASRS pallet cranes (5 ambient aisles single deep + 1 cooled aisle double deep);
  • pallet conveyor system over 2 floors with connection to production;
  • AGV system for integrated automated transport with production areas;
  • temperature controlled in different regimes.

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